The Top Benefits of Hiring Reliable Corporate Secretarial Services in Singapore

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If you’re setting up a locally-incorporated company in Singapore, having a corporate secretarial services on your side can be crucial for your business due to many reasons.

It’s a necessity

First of all, it’s practically impossible to operate without a company secretary in Singapore because the Singapore Companies Act mandates that this role has to be filled within six months of incorporating your business. Per the law, neither the company’s sole director nor its shareholder can assume this position. So hiring a qualified and competent company secretary is a necessity, failing which could land your company in legal problems.

Less headache of vetting and hiring the right person

There are critical responsibilities that a company secretary must fulfil, which is why it’s imperative to appoint only the most qualified person to take on this role. Imagine the risks of not filing your business documents on time or falling into the traps of non-compliance. These are costly mistakes that could lead to fines or penalties, or even both.

Finding, vetting, and hiring an in-house personnel who meets a long list of requirements can be tedious. Instead, outsourcing these responsibilities to a reliable corporate secretarial service provider takes off your burden and stress of dealing with the task. These services have skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced individuals in their team. So by choosing a trusted corporate secretarial firm, you have access to highly trained professionals while you save yourself the hassles of hiring someone who isn’t well-equipped for the job.

Avert business risks arising out of non-compliance

Whether you’re a startup firm or an offshore company wanting to capitalise on Singapore’s vibrant business landscape and globally competitive market, it’s necessary to adhere to the regulations set out by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). Corporate secretarial services Singapore strictly follow the rules and regulations of ACRA and are well-versed with statutory compliance for various regulatory bodies. Therefore, hiring these services helps businesses stay fully compliant and avoid resulting penalties.

Comprehensive services that enhance business operation  

With Singapore secretary services, you enjoy benefits of a dedicated company secretary having vast experience in compliance and regulatory matters. But for a foreign investor or offshore entrepreneur, it can be enormously helpful to hire a corporate secretarial company like Bestar that also takes care of the incorporation as well as operational aspects of a business.

Better service for more savings

Working with a company secretary service in Singapore not only gives you safety and assurance of working with experienced professionals, but also saves you the costs of hiring and training an in-house company secretary. You can re-invest those savings on business growth and expansion.

While the benefits of hiring corporate secretarial services in Singapore are numerous, it’s important to choose one that’s most suitable to the goals and needs of your business. Get in touch with Bestar to know what makes us the local corporate secretarial service of choice for thousands of businesses in Singapore.

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