Bestar’s Tax planning and advisory services is a comprehensive financial planning service catering to the needs of organizations in Singapore as per the regulatory mechanisms of Singapore Tax planning and compliance.

We take into consideration your organization’s financial structure from a long-term perspective and integrate our expertise into it so that you can get financial planning optimization. Our clients are all hard working business owners who only want to ensure meeting their business goals every single day!

How can Tax planning and compliance help you?

Every organization – small, medium and large is subject to tax compliance in Singapore. Understanding the basics of tax planning and compliance , along with all the regulations holds critical significance in your business growth.

Proper tax planning and compliance mechanism can help you identify magnificent opportunities to save taxes and your overheads. All this, only to ensure your business is optimized at all times.

We offer different tax compliance services to our clients.

  • We provide you the best tax filing services in Singapore for all your corporate compliance needs

  • We fill out all your returns and submit reports

  • We provide you with the strongest Goods and Services tax support services .

  • We provide proper assistance in preparing and submitting local personal IT returns

  • We also provide robust support to our clients while filling out annual IR8A forms and IR21 Tax Clearance forms

  • We review and report, in detail, a thorough report of all the employees and their remuneration for tax purposes

  • We assist organization with tax equalization and protection program for their employees and for managing better their divisions in Singapore

Tax Advisory Services by Bestar

Special assistance and attention is provided to all the organization by our tax specialists for innovatively and effectively planning your taxes for optimal success of your organization.

Tax advisory services by our team of specialists help you structure and optimize your business operation in the country, along with enhancing your organizational position in the region.

Our tax advisory services include

  • Helping all our clients understand the mechanisms of Singapore tax structure and regulating laws

  • Assisting clients and finding them a suitable location for their business operations, which also gets them the best tax incentives.

  • Helping our clients to gain better financial incentives and tax benefits by negotiating with the regulatory bodies

  • Advising the clients on revenues repatriation to minimize the extent and frequency of taxable returns and amounts

  • Applying due diligence mechanisms for tax support during mergers and acquisitions.

  • Assisting clients with tax effective packages for compensation of senior executives.

Our tax specialists are assisting organizations in the tax planning and advisory services realm for many years now. We have the calibre to address and redress all your needs, in terms of the present times. We look forward to assisting you for many years to come! Contact us today.

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