If your organization believes in still following Payroll / Human Resource Services through an in-house full-time team, there is a very high chance that a major chunk of your financial resources are going to waste.

HR and Payroll Outsourcing in Singapore is the way to go for!

Outsourcing your organization’s HR and Payroll services in Singapore to a professional payroll outsourcing Singapore Company is efficient, reliable and cost-effective.

Allow Bestar to have your back for all problems HR.

Bestar is a professional Payroll/ Human Resource Services that provides error free and affordable HR solutions to all organizations – Small, medium and large.

Our impressively vivid spectrum of HR and Payroll services includes

  • Payroll Management

Management, calculation and the actual payment of your employees’ payroll

  • Online payroll management softwares

E-payslips and recording through our robust online payroll management softwares and electronic processing means.

  • HR Policies management

Implementing HR policies in your organization on your behalf for meeting your organizational goals.

  • Permits and Visa management

Managing the requirements and application of permits and visas for international employees.

  • Assistance with passes

Providence and assistance with employment and dependent passes, along with their cancellation.

  • Contract management

Preparation and execution of contracts between employees and the organization

  • Leave Management

Assisting your daily functioning by managing employees leaves.

  • Statutory requirements

Management and assistance with all statutory HR and Payroll requirements.

How can we help you?

  • When you connect with Bestar for Payroll Outsourcing in Singapore, you will be entrusted with an HR/ Payroll specialist who will engage in your organization on deeper levels to meet all your HR/ Payroll requirements.
  • Based on your needs and desires, our specialists will evaluate your organization, review the internal functioning, and then develop and organize strategies that can help dispense calibrate services in favour of your organization.
  • Not only will we help you regulate your daily HR functionalities, but also we will help you manage payrolls, salaries, leaves, and permits. Moreover, we will also handle all tax related aspects of your payrolls.

Benefits of choosing Bestar for HR and Payroll Outsourcing in Singapore

  • Your organization will save overhead costs in abundance
  • You will be granted more time to focus on meeting your business goals
  • You will be generating more revenue by being extra productive
  • You will be relieved of all the operational and administrative strain
  • You will not be overwhelmed with tedious tasks
  • You will be provided with real-time management reports
  • You can review and reduce all the expenditure your organization is making over unnecessary overtimes

Experts in HR and Payroll services in Singapore we know how to help you function productively!

Reach out to us and experience our prowess.

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